Matgic Mat - Super Absorbent Dirt Trapper Door Mat

Matgic Mat - Super Absorbent Dirt Trapper Door Mat

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The Magic Mat is a cotton and microfibre blend and is by far no ordinary door mat! It is super absorbent and is a fantastic dirt trapper while being plush to step on.

When you walk into your home, your shoes or boots and even your pet's paws can carry everything and anything. If you have been gardening, working in your garage, coming home from work or doing your shopping, your shoes and boots will be dragging all sorts of dirt, sand, grease or just simply dirty rain water into your home. These will leave dirty foot marks in your home or your office floor surfaces. Your shoes and boots will just make a fine mess wherever you walk, even if you have wiped your feet on your usual door mat.

The Matgic Mat Doormat will clean up to 95% of all that dirt, sand, snow, grease and dirty rain water from your shoes or boots. Because it also has a non slip backing, it will stay put, will not slide away and will keep your house free of unpleasant dirty marks. Good or bad weather, it will absorb just about anything you, your family and even your pet wipe on it. Most door mats are never washed and have more bacteria on them than your shoes. The great thing about the Matgic Mat is, that you can put it in the washing machine or just hose off, just remember not to use softener.

Matgic Mat is just impressive and amazing. Completely different from any other door mat. We will never say that it is going to get rid of 100% of the dirt, sand, grease or dirty rain water, but you will see a massive difference.

Matgic Mat is a blend of 65% Cotton and 35% Microfibre. It's ideal for busy industrial / commercial buildings, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, hospitals, sports and leisure areas, boats, caravans, motorhomes, laundrys and kitchens.

Each Matgic Mat is 46cm x 71cm.

Red Matgic Mat  $39.95

Grey Matgic Mat  $39.95