Dog & Cat Deshedding Pet Brush - Tool

Dog & Cat Deshedding Pet Brush - Tool

The Super Groomer Pet Brush is a Deshedding Brush and Rake Brush combined into one!

Groomer-Extra.jpgUsing the Super Groomer is the easiest, most effective way to groom dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and show cattle. Super Groomer has a patented design that includes not only a stainless steel Deshedding Brush but also a Rake Brush.

To change from one to the other, all you have to do is flip over the brush 90 degrees.  Super Groomer has been shown to effectively remove as much as 80-90% of your pet's loose hair.

The Rake Brush can be used on all dogs and cats. With regular use it prevents knots and matting and detangles your pet's hair. It may be used daily if needed.

The fine tooth Deshedding Brush also called a Deshedding Tool which you see being used in the video is only for animals that shed hair.

For short haired cats, rabbits and dogs that don't get knots or mats you only need to use the Deshedding Brush. Its great for Jack Russells, Fox Terriers, Labradors etc.

For longer haired dogs and cats, especially double coated animals, you must use the Rake Brush first to straighten the hair to make sure there's no matting or knots, then you can use the Deshedding Brush. Its patented design will get down even into the thickest fur of dogs or cats so it can be used even on a Husky. It can grab as much as 80-90% of the animals loose fur, even from the undercoat.

Most animals only need the Deshedding Brush to be used weekly when shedding but it can be used twice a week on heavy shedders eg. Labradors. On seasonal shedding animals it's still good to use it every 6 weeks to help to clean the coat even when your animal isn't shedding.

Super Groomer works great as a Horse Brush as well. Use the Rake Brush for the tail and mane and the Deshedding Brush on the main body. It's fantastic for stripping out the winter coat.

Super Groomer comes with a 12 month warranty.

Medium brush is used on the animals in the video and is 60mm wide.

Large brush is 100mm wide and good for large dogs and horses.

Your pet will look and feel so great that
you'll always love to pet it!

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Medium Brush  $29.95

Large Brush  $39.95