Best Potato Peeler, Julienne Peeler & Grater all in One!

Best Potato Peeler, Julienne Peeler & Grater all in One!

The Chef's Best Mate has many uses and is perfect for the Prep Chef. Its the kitchen tool that has a Peeler, Julienne Peeler and Grater included all in one!

It makes a great Potato or Vegetable Peeler and with its serrated edge it can also be used as a Fruit Peeler as well. It peels forward and back so you peel fast and can be used on Cabbage to shred Coleslaw as well.

The Julienne Peeler at the opposite end will Julienne your carrots, potatoes, zucchinis, cucumbers and cheese in seconds saving you from chopping minutes with a knife.

It can also be used as a Grater, rub your nuts, parmesian cheese or chocolate over the holes in middle of the Peeler to finely Grate in seconds. Do the same with garlic and ginger and it pulps in seconds.

The Chef's Best Mate is very sharp, when we have a small potato or vegetable to peel we put a fork in the potatoe so our fingers are kept out of the way.

Chef's Best Mate are only available in Green.

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