Super Absorbent Shammy - Chamois - Shamwow

Super Absorbent Shammy - Chamois - Shamwow

Made in Germany the Amazing Shammy has been sold in Australia for over 40 years and in this time it has been called many different names, Chamois, Super Shammy, Mr Shammy, Shamwow to name a few.

The Amazing German Shammy is the Original and is great for cleaning your car, kitchen, bathroom or any area where you have a spill. Its like a towel, shammy and sponge all in one. Being Super Absorbent it holds 10 times its weight and it will wipe away liquid in seconds without dripping.

The Amazing German Shammy goes in the washing machine when dirty so it can be used over and over again.

We sell in a pack of 3 for $20.00. You get 2 Large Orange Shammies (70cm x 50cm) and 1 Blue Shammy (50cm x 35cm)

Amazing German Shammy  $20.00 (3 Pack)