Vibrotec Vibration Machine

Vibrotec Vibration Machine

Whole Body Shaper Vibration Machine

The Vibrotec uses whole body vibrations to work your muscles for weight loss, muscle strength, increased blood circulation and increased bone density among its benefits. The vibrations force the muscles to rapidly contract and relax in order to adjust to the movement. The extra muscle contraction allows for greater calorie consumption and increased muscle tone.

The included remote control allows you to make adjustments easily while you work out. With 99 speed levels and a range of programs the Vibrotec caters to all fitness levels. Also included are a bonus set of resistance bands, so you can achieve a whole body workout in the comfort of your own home. Vibrotec has built-in speakers that can be used with bluetooth or USB so you can enjoy music while you work out.

Burn Calories and Reduce Body Fat

Tone and Strengthen Lean Muscles

Helps improve Blood Circulation

Increase Bone Density

Reduce Cellulite

Alleviates Restless Legs Syndrome

Reduce Back and Joint Pain

Weight Limit up to 150Kg

12 Month Warranty!


Vibrotech Vibration Machine  $699.00